BC Bat Action Team

What is BC Bat?

The British Columbia Bat Action Team (BC BAT) is a group of professional biologists, academic researchers, veterinarians, environmental educators, students, naturalists, wildlife rehabilitators, government biologists, and other people that are interested in bat conservation in BC.

What does BC Bat do?

BC BAT promotes the conservation of bats in British Columbia. The BC Ministry of Environment (MOE) and BC Ministry of Forest, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO) are responsible for the management and conservation of bats in BC. BC BAT provides valuable input into development of provincial bat survey standards, best management practices for various sectors that have impacts on bats and bat habitat, conservation and recovery of bat species at risk, education and outreach, and identification of bat research and conservation priorities.

BC Bat Action Plan

Motivated by the urgency of high bat mortality rates predicted for the 2016-2017 winter, members of BC BAT met in September 2016 to develop a plan outlining numerous goals and actions required to help conserve bats facing impending threat of White-nose Syndrome in BC. All ideas were discussed and condensed into a list of 84 actions, classified into 6 simple categories. This document is intended to raise awareness of this unprecedented wildlife crisis and aid the conservation effort by directing effort toward accomplishing the highest priority actions listed within.

This document was revised and updated in December 2020 by the BC Bat Action Team.

Read the December 2020 version of the full action plan.